Starting Small, Going Big

First few days in a new space and building your smart apartment? Start slow, then grow.

Moving to a two or more bedroom apartment can be exciting, whether you're coming from a studio or one bedroom.

It's critical when you first setup your smart apartment figure a few things out.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Which voice assistant will I be using?

  2. Will I be using more than one voice assistant?

  3. Which smart home components will I need?

  4. What does my network look like?

  5. What is my budget?

These are questions you should ask yourself and/or your family when deciding how ​ you want your smart apartment to look.

Plethora of choice

There is a lot of choice when starting out with smart home equipment and services, but the main thing in the beginning is start small ​.

When I moved to my loft in 2018, all I had was an Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, LIFX bulbs and a LIFX Z strip.

I had a Sonos Play:5 and Sonos Play:3 that I controlled using the Echo and Spotify which was enough; it was a one bedroom apartment with an upstairs and downstairs. There wasn't much to automate at that time.

It was fine for the beginning, but when I moved, I began to branch out and add more components and more services.


Below is a link to my Ultimate Smart Apartment ​ KIT gear list.

It's taken me two and a half years to build up to all this but that was the best option and should be the best option for most renters.