I like smart homes, you like smart homes...

We're all geeks here.

I can’t decide what to make this Substack about, as it’s changed a bit. But lately I have been digging into HomeAssistant and setting up documentation about what I am using and how I am configuring it to build out my smart apartment.

I have been a fan of smart home tech for around 3 years now and once I landed a dev job working for a government consulting firm, I fell way down the rabbit hole, partially because of Smart Home Solver YouTube and my love of electronics in general.

In this particular newsletter, you can expect to find a lot of things; news, reviews, observations, and my thoughts on the industry and where it is going.

Let’s work this out together.

To see more of how I am building stuff, check out the Suburban Smarts documentation which is in beta and in a private repo on GitHub until it is finished.

In the meantime, tell your friends!